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Our Servants

Pastor Prudent has been the lead Pastor at BHBC for 3 years. The Lord sent him to BHBC during the search for a pastor, in the month following the death of Pastor VanDyke.

Pastor Prudent has been married to Anne-Elizabeth for almost 24 years. The Lord has blessed them with 4 wonderful children: Frances, who is now married, Chris, who is a student at the University of Georgia, Abi-Ananiah, who is a student at Truett-McConnell University, and Lydia, who is a sophomore at Rainey-McCullers school of the arts.

As an educator, he has had the opportunity to teach mathematics in high school and middle school and has served in administrative levels such as K-12 principal and head of school.

Pastor Prudent is passionate about sound preaching and teaching. As a student of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, he is a strong advocate and practitioner of expository preaching. He has a passion for the people of South Columbus and hopes to someday lead BHBC to serve the Chattahoochee Valley.

Pastor Randolph Prudent,

Lead Pastor

Bertha Brown

Food Bank Lead/ Activity Coordinator

Bertha has been serving BHBC for over 40 years. She is the model of perseverance. The people of BHBC love her can-do attitude and her every smiling face.

Sister Bertha has served at different capacities over the years, but right among her many other roles, she leads the Food Bank ministry. When not worshipping with the rest of the congregation, she can be found working with the children, during the children's church. Additionally, she serves as the activity coordinator and helps the pastor through her role as a lay minister.

Sister Bertha is married to brother George Brown.

Tamekia Short

Bookkeeper/ Children Ministry 

Sister Tamekia is an instrumental part of the operations at BHBC. She is married to Michael Short. They have two awesome children: Abbigail and Noah.

Tamekia handles the books for BHBC and prepares all the legal papers for the ministry. When not in the worship service with everyone else, Tamekia can be found working with the children's ministry. She is on rotation to teach during children's church.

Sister Tamekia works as an accountant at a firm in Columbus.

Lay Ministers

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